Pic de la coquilladeEglise de Cabrerolles


Departure : church de Cabrerolles

  • Between the cemetery and the church (indicated by a signpost), take the road which goes up into the village, and the path which goes up to the castle. 
  • Follow the small path which passes through a small wood until you reach the junction with the track of the “Coquillade” and the road from Borie Nouvelle. 
  • Turn left along the road which goes to the Borie Nouvelle. 
  • At the village square, go up the first small road on the left and down to the left, then take the path up to the right • which finally joins the track to the “Pic de la Coquillade”. 
  • Once on the track, go up to the right. Just before the top, go down to the left along a steep path, follow the blue marking which also leads to another trail. 
  • At the big cairn, turn left and go down to the “Col de la Balque”. 
  • At the “Col de la Balque” go up to the left and back down to the oak forest. Follow the path which goes up very steeply reaching the top of a small mount. 
  • From there, go down until you reach an ancient “draille” (small path with dry stone walls either side) and turn off to the left to join the village