Capitelles and moulinSalle Bacchus à Faugères

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Departure : Salle Bacchus à Faugères

  • You can leave your car at the car park of the “Salle Bacchus” (not far from the church); walk in northern direction and follow the signs “moulins”. 
  • After the last village houses, take the path at your left (called “Chemin du muletier”). 
  • The path leads to the windmills (during the summer season June to September it is possible to visit the functioning grain mill with an English speaking guide every day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 to 6 p.m.) 
  • After appreciating the 360° panoramic view from the orientation table of one of the three towers, take the Land Rover track (called the botanical path “Plantes aromatiques et médicinales autour du Moulin de Faugères”) which leads to the windmill car park. 
  • Turn left and follow the tarred road for about 0,6 km until you come to a green cistern, turn left and keep walking on the “Chemin des Carabelles” (dry stone shelters). 
  • Follow this Land Rover track, ignoring two tracks leading to the right, until you come to an interesting place, a junction of footpaths, called “La Grenouille” (“the Frog”). 
  • Look at the stones and try to find the frog! 
  • From there turn left and follow the old track of the lime-kiln (“Ancien chemin du four à chaux”) to come back to the village. Alternative : 
  • From the site called “Grenouille” you can go straight on in direction of the main street (Départementale 909); 
  • when you reach the restaurant and bar “Le Bel Air” opposite the petrol station, you can return to the village.